Memory is one important theme in my work. My works reveals the entirety of memories, my home, friends, experience and photo,I intend to tell stories about my memories that I explain.

My life is constantly shifting between Germany and Korea. I have not adapted to myself to environment.

When I talk with my friends, we are always speaking about our happy memories. At the same time I also have memory of my bad times. They were good or bad, but anyhow it remains and still changes I will express this changing of memories and piece of memories in my bottle work.

In some of my paintings there is one girl with a yellow dress. One day, one of my friends had a dream about me. In her dream, I had on a yellow dress and big bag and I was waiting for something. I thought, that we have memories but we don’t have any now. Here I ame, it is not Korea and not Germany but some unknown space.

Yet I have come to realize that those floating feelings began with my Character. Sometimes I want to destroy myself and make myself strong. Other times my weakness and difference can be a theme for works.

I will try out many new works. Contents of works could be change of life, anxiety and destiny, these three words are my interest and I will express and explain them. Painting and drawing are a very important basis in my art. I will mace videos and some installations, and they will be in my drawings or paintings.